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Movies soundtracks, video games and music from the mild-mannered Belgian composer

Jean-Marc Lederman is a Belgian composer and producer.

He composes music for movies and videogames and has an impressive catalogue of released music.
He has worked with bands such as Fad GadgetThe TheGene Loves JezebelThe Weathermen, Belgian rock band Streets, and Front 242, and with other artists including Emileigh Rohn from US band Chiasm, Julianne ReganJacques Duvall and Alain Bashung.

His main projects are "Rohn-Lederman", with Detroit artist Emileigh Rohn, and his own work as "Jean-Marc Lederman Experience" (where he invites guests to provide vocals) or his own instrumental music.

In the past, Jean-Marc did have several key projects as The WeathermenKid MontanaJules et Jim with Julianne Regan, Ghost & Writer with Frank Spinath of Seabound, Man-Dello (a solo electronica project), Ether and cover version project La Femme Verte.

He developed a musical iPhone app with Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk) and Japanese multimedia artist Masayuki Akamatsu.

Most of Lederman's record covers are done by Erica Hinyot, a Belgian plastician.

2023 "Soul Music For Zombies" 
2022 "Night music for seahorses and manatees INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC ("Song To The Siren" with Emileigh Rohn)

2021 "Les racines de l’eau" (one song used in the soundtrack) (B) SHORT MOVIE (3 awards)
2021 "The Raven", album from Jean-Marc Lederman Experience MUSIC
2021 "Apollo Chariot" album from Rohn-Lederman MUSIC

2021 "Venus Chariot", album from Rohn-Lederman MUSIC #1 german DAC alternative charts
2021 " The bad tempered synthesizer" INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC
2021 "The mysterious manuscript of Gabriel Garcia Marquez" A NOVEL + INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC
2020 "Music For Dinosaurs" INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC
2020 Jean-Marc Lederman Experience "Letters To Gods (and fallen angels)" MUSIC

2020: "The Helpless Voyage Of The Titanic" INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC

2019: Jean-Marc Lederman Experience  "13 Ghost Stories" MUSIC

2018: CD "Ode A La Pluie" music for art exhibition INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC
2018 : several music pieces for tutorial Victoria CORPORATE
2018 album Lederman/De Meyer : "Eleven Grinding Songs" MUSIC
2017: album "The Space Between Worlds" INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC
2017: main composer for full feature movie "Doubleplusonegood" (B) MOVIE (award)
2016: music for entertainment park ride "Dark ages" VIDEO GAME
2016: music for tutorial "Victoria" CORPORATE
2016: EP "Invisible Sky" MUSIC
2015: "Dragons " VIDEOGAME (hit game : 500k downloads)
2015: "Superstitions"​, album from Mari & The Ghost MUSIC
2015: Jean-Marc Lederman Experience “The Last Broadcast On Earth” MUSIC
2014: Music on "African Safari 3"D (NWave, B) MOVIE
2014: Music on trailer "Magic Manor" (NWave, B) MOVIE
2013: "Red Flags"​, album from Ghost & Writer MUSIC
2013: "Romania"​, album from Leatherman MUSIC
2011: "Shipwrecks"​, album from Ghost&Writer MUSIC

2010: "Small Distortions" album from La Femme Verte MUSIC
2008 Coyote: Tales Of Rain And Fire (USA, Merscom) VIDEO GAME
2008 Habitat Rescue (USA, Rebel Monkey game for National Geographic) VIDEO GAME
2007 SocioTown (USA, Outside The Box Software, 3D MMO) VIDEO GAME
2007 Turbogems (Iron Code, India, video game) VIDEO GAME
2007 Fever Frenzy (Legacy, USA, video game) VIDEO GAME
2007 Kudos Rock Legend (Positech UK, video game) VIDEO GAME
2007 Forces Of Arms (MMO RPG,USA, Wardog Studio) VIDEO GAME
2006 Titanic Hidden Expedition (Big Fish Game, USA) VIDEO GAME HIT GAME
2006: "Embedded", album by The Weathermen MUSIC
2006 Atlantis Sky Patrol (Big Fish Game, USA) VIDEO GAME HIT GAME
2006 Mystic Inn ((Big Fish Game, USA) VIDEO GAME HIT GAME
2005 Fairies (Big Fish Game, USA) VIDEO GAME HIT GAME
2005 Atlantis (Big Fish Game, USA) VIDEO GAME HIT GAME
2004 Bombardier-Evinrude CORPORATE
2004 Looza CORPORATE
2004 Lyonnaise des Eaux CORPORATE
2004 Deeper With The Weathermen (album) MUSIC
2004 Lipton Ice Tea rythm box (premium game) VIDEO GAME
2000 EP "Jules Et Jim" MUSIC

1999 music for entertainment park ride Aquaride (Nwave) VIDEO GAME AWARD
1998: "Ode A La Vie", song written for Alain Bashung (album"Fantaisie Militaire) MUSIC (1M album, awards)
1997: original music for V-Rally (Infogrames) VIDEO GAME
1995: music for short movie "The Killing Woods" USA MOVIE
1995: music for short movie "Deadline" USA MOVIE
1995: "Helleven" from Ether MUSIC
1995: "Barramundi" from Man-dello MUSIC
1992: "Global 851" by The Weathermen MUSIC track sync on Batwatch
1990: "Beyond The Beyond" by The Weathermen MUSIC

1988: « The Black Album » by The Weathermen MUSIC Hit record with "Poison"
1986: "Temperamental" by Kid Montana MUSIC
1986: "Ten Deadly Kisses" by The Weathermen, MUSIC
1985: "The Las Vegas Gold Rush" by Kid Montana MUSIC

1982: Kid Montana 'Statistics Mean Nothing When You Get On The Wrong Plane" MUSIC

Timeline 2023>2012

2023 "Soul Music For Zombies"

Zombies have the right to tap their feet too !
CD album and digital

"The Music Walks Again (the Robert Johnson Story)" featuring Emileigh Rohn 
AI imagery prompted by Kevin B Lederman
Artwork by Erica Hinyot

A Les disques de la pantoufle/ COP International production



2022 "Music for seahorses and manatees"   

Mostly instrumental
CD album and digital

Cover of "Song To The Siren" with Emileigh Rohn
Foreword by Geoff Avern
Cover by Erica Hinyot

A Les disques de la pantoufle production

river 3 LEFT copy_edited_edited.jpg

2022 "All The Little Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid (aka The River)   

Digital EP

A Cop International release


2022: a song on the 3 awards short-movie "The racines of water"
Director: Sarah Lederman

Cover The Raven.jpg

2021 Jean-Marc Lederman Experience "The Raven"

CD album and digital

with: Mari Kattman, Christopher Hall, Mark Hockings, Elena Alice Fossi, Azam Ali, Dr Strangefryer, Jim Semonik, Lis Van Den Akker, Ken Magerman, Jean-Luc De Meyer, Stefan Netschio, Emileigh Rohn, Christina Z

Cover by Erica Hnyot
A Cop International release

RL UPF1 with names and dates.jpg

2021 Rohn-Lederman "Up In Flames"

Digital EP women remixers only

with remixes by Sapphira Vee, Grab Your Face, Diana from Junksista, Emileigh Rohn

 A Cop International release


2021 Rohn-Lederman "Watch Out!"

Digital only remix EP

with remixes by Claus Larsen, Tom Shear, Mark Hockings

A Cop International release


2021 Rohn-Lederman "Into the rabbitt hole"

Free digital EP offered to buyers of "Venus Chariot"


2021 acclaimed Rohn-Lederman album "Venus Chariot"

CD and digital

#1 DAC german charts
cover by Greg Rolfes

A Cop International release


2021 "The bad-tempered synthesizer"


Unique (and sold-out) 3D cover
Foreword by Daniel Miller
3D by Kevin Blackfoot Lederman
Cover by Erica Hinyot

A Les disques de la pantoufle production


2021 Novel and CD "The mysterious manuscript of Gabriel Garcia Marquez"

CD album and digital with 10 tracks

Cover by Erica Hinyot
Slippers logo by Mona Lederman

A Wool-E discs/ Les disques de la pantoufle collaboration


2020 "Music For Dinosaurs"

CD album and digital

Drawing by Yiping Wang
Cover by Chaotic Artwork

A Belgian NeuMusik CD


2020 Lederman*Stein  "Textbooks for tomorrow"

Digital EP


2020 Jean-Marc Lederman Experience
"Letters to gods (and fallen angels)"

Double CD artbook (and digital) 

with: 8 of Nine, Agi Taralas, Emma Barson, Ghost & Writer, Mari Katmann, JP Aston, Coline Wauters, Christina Z, Das Vintage, Lucia Fairfull, Stefan Netschio, Hunter S. Thompson, Elena Alice Fossi, Tom Shear, Mark Hockings, Jenna Fearon, Emileigh Rohn, Miriam Christina, Haydn Park-Patterson, Rodney Orpheus, Louise Fraser, Lis Van Den Akker, Claus Larsen, Frederich Nietsche, Philipe Genion, Ceratomia.

Artbook with 36 pages
Cover, pictures and design by Erica Hinyot

A Wool-E Discs release


2020 "The helpless voyage of the Titanic"

Instrumental CD album and digital

Cover by Alain Kinet
A Wool-E Discs release


2019 Jean-Marc Lederman Experience
"13 Ghost Stories" 

Limited double CD
Single CD version

Christer Hermodsson, Louise Fraser, Juliette Bosse, Jeann Fearon, Agi Taralas, Elena Alice Fossi,  The Acapella Robotic Association, Yvette Wrinkler, Mark Hockings, Natasha A TwentyOne, Alice Gift, Christa La Jérome, Rascal Hueppe, Julianne Regann Darrin Huss, Rexx Arkana, JP Aston, Nicola Testa, Louise Love, Rodney Orpheus, Christina Z

Artbook with 36 pages
Cover and design by Erica Hinyot
A Dependent Records release


2019 Glassko & Fayzer (with Julianne Regan)

"Music to relax while you struggle beneath a Tory government"

4 ambiant tracks digital EP only
Out on Brexit Day march 29 2019


2018 "Ode A La Pluie"


Album within a rigid packet box of poetry, pictures and drawings by Erica Hinyot 

Artwork by Erica Hinyot, off course

A Wool-E Discs release


2018 Lederman-Demeyer
"Eleven Grinding Songs"

Vinyl, CD, digital

Cover by Erica Hinyot

An Alfa-Matrix release


2017 MOVIE "Doubleplusonegood" 
Director: Marco Laguna
Main composer

Calme out also on vinyl

A WeMe Records release


2017 "The space between worlds"


CD album with rigid box
Released by Wool-E Discs


2016 "Invisible Sky"

EP with Gabriella Alstrom

Released by Wool-E Discs


2015 "The last broadcast on Earth"

CD album with Frank Spinath, JP Aston, Anna Domino, Ghost & Writer, Sophie Drakenvleugels & Raya Shaduwjaagster, Jacques Duvall, The Weathermen, Takeko Akamatsu, Froxeanne, Jenna Fearon, Mari & The Ghost, Tom Shear, Sam Devos, Julianne Regan.

Cover by Kevin B Lederman
Additional videogame by Emmanuel Marty


2014 Some music in the trailer for "The house of magic"


2014 Additional composer to Ramin Djawadi in "Africa Safari 3D" movie


2014 Mari & The Ghost (with Mari Kattman)

Digital album


2013 Ghost & Writer "Red Flags" with Frank Spinath

CD album and digital

A Dependent Records release

Leatherman Romania pic.jpeg

2013 Leatherman "Romania"

Vinyl and CD album

Pic by Michel Clair


Before that...

The Weathermen, Leatherman, Ether, Man-Dello, Jules et Jim, Kid Montana, +30 videogames...


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