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Jean-Marc will take your briefing and with his audio expertise and experience of the video game  business will propose you possible ways to add spices and condiments to provide a final tasty sonic  menu that will enhance your game.  He is able to cover multiple styles of music and games, including casual games, MMORPG, mobile  phones games, from ambient to heavy rock and industrial, from neo-classical to glitch music and  electropop. Quality music for quality games, and in the desired timeframe: always on time.
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Working in the video game music industry since 1995,  initially with Infogrames, Jean-Marc Lederman has written  and played the soundtracks found on several high-quality  games, including Top 10 hits such as Titanic Hidden  Expedition, Atlantis Sky Patrol, cult match 3 game Fairies,  Mystic Inn, Habitat Rescue and Coyote’s Tale: Rain and Fire.  His music can also be found in several movies and series,  such as Baywatch, and his talents as a composer also  complemented Alain Bashung's album "Fantaise Militaire",  which was awarded "Best Record of the last 20 years" by  Victoires de la Musique. More details can be found on Jean-Marc’s Wiki page. 
Jean-Marc Lederman in his studio, 2011.
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