The Last Radio Broadcast On Earth


A deserted country road at night. You’ve been driving for hours, headlamps on full beam flash-illuminating ghosts of sleeping trees. The radio plays desperate love songs, songs of hope, songs of despair, lost time and moments where you regret not reaching out to touch another. These songs are gifts wrapped in shiny sonic paper that you tear open with just your mind and your heart. The radio station wants you to cherish them, as you wind through the empty starlit landscape, wondering if this really could be the last night on Earth.

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The Last Broadcast On Earth

The Last Broadcast On Earth is a collaborative multi-platform (free) videogame and album hovering above Jean-Marc Lederman's musical works in videogames and electronic pop. Singers and guests from Belgium, UK, USA, Japan, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Italia and India gathered around music tracks and sonic ambiances to make this a Work of Love.

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