2021 Jean-Marc Lederman Experience "The Raven"

2021 Jean-Marc Lederman Experience "The Raven"

"The Raven" was released on Halloween day by US label "Cop International".
It features vocals and lyrics by the following artists:

1.Mari Kattman / Helix - The Cold Heart Slept Below

2.Christopher Hall / Stabbing Westward - The Vampyre

3.Mark Hockings / Mesh / Blackcarburning - She Walks In Beauty

4.Elena Alice Fossi / Kirlian Camera - Inferno

5.Azam Ali - Invocation

6.Dr. Strangefryer - Frankenstein

7.Jim Semonik / Red Lokust - Nevermore

8.Lis van den Akker / Die Krupps / Sample-R - Odin's Crook

9.Ken Magerman / Amaranth - A Crushing Weight

10. Jean-Luc De Meyer / Front 242/ Lederman-De Meyer - The Worms Of Death

11.Stefan Netschio / Beborn Beton - Smouldering Corpse In The Mourning Sun

12.Emileigh Rohn / Chiasm / Rohn-Lederman - Pretty Fly

13.Christina Z / Magnesium Burn - The Raven

All music was created, played, mixed and produced by Jean-Marc Lederman
On Cop International