2021 Novel and CD "The mysterious notebook of Gabriel Garcia Marquez"

2021 Novel and CD "The mysterious notebook of Gabriel Garcia Marquez"

Veronica, Victor and Vincent, three musicians from different countries and cultures, meet through a mysterious old manuscript of legendary writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


Veronica, a 44 years old cello player, lives in New York. She receives a box with records, books, pictures and souvenirs from her grand ather, a Mexican musician who was a close friend from the legendary Novel price writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


Among the items in the box, there’s a manuscript that used to apparently belonged to the famous writer. A paper falls from it and it reads, as a prophecy: “this book will change the life of three persons in three days and three nights...”


During the following night, something happens with the manuscript as it selects and connects Veronica with two other musicians she never heard of: Victor, a 24 years old rapper from Mexico, and Vincent, a 64 years old composer from Paris.

The book allows the three musicians to somehow (magic realism) travel in time and space and they meet each other in their own towns, reflecting on their life as artists and human beings.


Each one of them has an actual challenge to face:

Veronica has been sexually harassed by a music producer and hesitates if she must talk publicly about it or not (80% of harassment in the music industry never sees trial).

Victor is a Bandcamp rapper and his latest song goes viral. He’s been proposing a contract by an important L.A. label. Will he abandon his current life he loves (he’s working in an orphan’s center where they teach kids how to rebuild their confidence and learn a trade to escape poverty and drugs wars) to move to the USA?

Vincent has been burying deep down in himself a terrible secret that has been haunting him for years. Will he stand up and fight for his redemption or will he sink to even darker places?


The three of them spend the three days and three nights together, in New York, Mexico and Paris, and gradually get to trust each other and open up about their life, dreams, wounds, secrets and hopes. They travel to each other’s respective apartments and meet the old man of the prophecy but also Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Victor’s grandmother who has intriguing stories to tell, the Italian couple who, in the Middle Ages, used to build better violins than Paganini’s and a bartender who seems to be the reincarnation of a famous musician.


At the end of the three days and the three nights, will the manuscript’s prophecy reveals itself to be true?

The novel is SOLD OUT but the music is available on Bandcamp

A collaboration with Wool-E Discs