2021 Acclaimed Rohn-Lederman album "Venus Chariot"

2021 Acclaimed Rohn-Lederman album "Venus Chariot"

Emileigh Rohn (US/ Chiasm) and Jean-Marc Lederman (Belgium/ The Weathermen, Ghost & Writer,...) join up to create this new night dream electronic collaboration for your insomniac ears.

Rohn’s soothing voice yet jarring message combined with Lederman’s accomplished, eclectic instrumentation lift spirits to an unworldly state.

“Venus Chariot” is the music equivalent of an open wound: a strong, unique, bold and emotive record showing vulnerability and a totally fragile and honest exposure of feelings scanning through fear, hope, and loneliness, questioning and Love.


Cover by Greg Rolfes
On Cop International (Oakland, California, USA).