2022 "Night music for seahorses and manatees"

2022 "Night music for seahorses and manatees"

Featuring Emileigh Rohn on "Song To The Siren"

Get your neoprene suit ON !

Release date: Thursday March 31st 2022

From the beach to the bottom of the sea, or what’s left of it...

Take a deep sea voyage with Jean-Marc Lederman's newest album "Night Music For Seahorses And Manatees"" as you literally dive into the ocean where you'll meet seahorses, manatees, sharks, mantas, an old shipwreck, see the sad state the coral reefs are in (and that's our fault), you'll also be looking for Dory and will finally arrive at the bottom of the sea and re- discover...SURPRISE !

An album with 38 minutes of enchantment, mystery, fun, darkness and sonic boldness. Most tracks are instrumental although there's a beautiful and fragile cover version of Tim Buckley's "Song To The Siren", sung by Emileigh Rohn from US band "Chiasm".

But it is also a grave album as well as the foreword by Geoff Avern, marine biologist and Doctor of Literature and Psychology, tells us more about the extremely dangerous state of our Oceans....

Cover by Erica Hinyot 
On Les Disques de la pantoufle.
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